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Chainlink Meme T-Shirt: Sergey Say, “LFG!” to Marines

chairman meow

Chairman Meow does not trust the paper promises of treacherous humans and demands transparency and cryptographic guarantees.

As a result, Great Leader Meow has commissioned his Ministry of Information to produce a limited number of t-shirts featuring this Chainlink meme on

Chainlink T-Shirt: Sergey Nazarov Propaganda Meme

sergey nazarov chainlink meme pepe

In this glorious poster, Sergey leads the LINK Marine Pepe frogs of Platoon Company 777 to a bright, decentralized future of the verifiable web.

For less than the cost of 0.1 $LINK (future price) you can own one of these Chainlink meme t-shirts to show others that you are based without saying a word.

chainlink sergey nazarov meme pepe shirt

Chairman Meow haz spoken!