Glorious Leader Chairman Meow: Father of the Revolution!

Thank you for your interest in dear leader Chairman Meow. We have provided some factual information so that you may have more knowledge about Chairman Meow, the Furry Father of our Nation:

9 Facts About Chairman Meow:

chairman meow roses
  1. Chairman Meow is an artist and warrior-poet with infinite wisdom that inspires thousands
  2. When Chairman Meow was born, a double-rainbow appeared in the sky, and a new constellation was born
  3. Chairman Meow has 9 lives, and his father is Ceiling Cat
  4. Chairman Meow tried golf once at Augusta. He finished the 18-hole championship golf course 38-under-par with 11 holes-in-one
  5. Chairman Meow established the Animalist Commandments, declaring that, “Some Animals are more equal than others.”
  6. When Chairman Meow passes gas it sounds like a mellifluous piece of classical music
  7. Chairman Meow keeps a “Pleasure Squad” of exotic kitties
  8. In 2020 Chairman Meow reportedly spent over $1m in Bitcoin on catnip and roses
  9. Chairman Meow is the leader of the Revolution and Sticks it to the Man every day

9 Titles of Chairman Meow:

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  1. Ever-Victorious, Iron-Willed Commander
  2. The Great Sun of Life
  3. (Furry) Father of the Nation
  4. Great Kitteh, Who Descended from Ceiling Cat
  5. World Leader of the 21st Century
  6. Highest Incarnation of the Revolutionary Comradeship
  7. The Fuzzy Lover
  8. Triumphant General of the Kitty Revolution
  9. Chairman of the Ministry of Truth
  10. Executive Director of the Ministry of Love
  11. Noble kitteh who is loved by many men, who, in kind, he loveth, too

Although Chairman Meow promotes equality, he reminds us that “some animals are more equal than others,” and that most humans deserve to be mere kitty servants, toiling in his catnip fields.

 Chairman Meow is Leader of the Kitty Revolution

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Chairman Meow has commanded his servant, Kevin McCormick, to create propaganda to honor Chairman Meow and the glorious Kitty Revolution. Some of this propaganda may be for sale and the consumption of capitalist pigs.

chairman meow_villagers

Four legs good, two legs bad! Long live Chairman Meow!”

*Chairman Meow disapproves of Capitalism. However, he requires money to obtain catnip and fishy treats and to maintain his opulent 3-story catio. So, please buy Chairman Meow propaganda with your soon-to-be worthless fiat currency to support The Kitty Revolution.

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