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Checks Unlimited Offer Codes, Coupons • 2020

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Checks Unlimited Coupons from Chairman Meow. Checks in the Mail has been a top name in discount custom bank checks since 1986. While they started by selling only 13 check designs, they now offer dozens including Disney, Harley Davidson, and Warner Bros.

Get up to a 50% discount plus free shipping on personal checks and business checks when you use an offer code at checkout!

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Best Promo Codes, Promotions Now:

More coupons:

How Offer Codes Work:

Don’t ever just go to and place an order because there are always offer codes available to save you money!

Where do you find valid offer codes for Checks in the Mail? There are actually two great places to find them, including on! Here’s how to find and use offer codes:

1. Offer Codes on

There are usually at least two offer codes available on the Check Unlimited website. You’ll usually find their featured code near the top of the checkout page, as well as a link to a special offers page:

It’s worth checking out the on-site Special Offers page!

The Special Offers page at

2. Better Offer Codes Are on Coupon Sites!

You might be surprised to know that the offer codes on Checks Unlimited website don’t get you the best discount! The coupons that they release to affiliates (like us!) are almost always better.

As you can see, we update our list of the best and most popular offer codes daily. These codes can get you up to a 70% discount plus free shipping, so it’s worth taking a minute to find a good one!

Offer Code Not Working?

Why isn’t my offer code working? Besides the obvious reasons including expired codes and codes being case sensitive, you should know that offer codes for personal checks don’t work for business checks and vice-versa.

Offer Codes for Business Checks?

So you’re placing an order for business checks and the code isn’t working? That’s because the “Business” section of the site uses different offer codes. In fact, it’s really a different site that they call their, “Business Products Division.”

Here’s where to enter an offer code on their business site during checkout:

Where do I get an offer code for business checks? The offer codes good towards business checks are clearly marked for “business checks” only. While the savings are usually less, you can still get up to a 30% discount on business checks, computer checks, and 3-on-a-page checks.

Coupons for Reorders & Returning Customers:

As in 2019, the best promotions in 2020 are for new customers. However, there are also offer codes for reorders, too. That means when you run out of checks you can still save money as an existing customer. Coupons for reorders will be denoted as such. If you’re an existing customer you can still save a lot of money at checkout by using a code!

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Free Shipping?

Does Checks Unlimited offer free shipping codes? Yes! The best promo codes for new customers often do include free delivery. So, if you are placing your first order, look for a coupon that includes free shipping as it can save you an extra $6 or more!

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