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BELIEVE! Chairman Meow Is More Equal – Propaganda Poster

Glorious new propaganda design honoring Great Leader, Chairman Meow called, Chairman Meow Is More Equal!

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”George Orwell Chairman Meow

“Some Animals Are More Equal”

believe chairman meow equal

One sunny in April, Chairman Meow was in the woods killing a baby bird, when he had what some might call a “moment of clarity.”

While unstuffing the bird, Chairman Meow thought of the American Constitution that says:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”

However, wise Leader Meow realized that maybe this is not true as some animals are just more fortunate than others.

You see, in nature, there are two kinds of animals:

  1. cats
  2. small, tasty animals that squeak when you kill them

Is better to be a cat, yes?

It was at this moment that Chairman Meow realized how fortunate he was, and took a moment to thank Ceiling Cat for his blessings before returning to his warm meal.

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“I Must Teach the Masses”

Being a Great Teacher, Chairman Meow immediately ordered his Ministry of Propaganda to create a beautiful design featuring his humble image and this important lesson.

With several tiny feathers in his mouth, he told them,

“Be sure design does not make Chairman Meow, Humble Leader and Furry Father of the Nation” look fat, even though I has been blessed with much food, and sleep 18 hours each day.”

First design attempt was not satisfactory, so artist was chained and sent to work in salt mine.

The next design, as you can see, was a glorious success featuring humble leader Chairman Meow’s movie star jawline and eyes that shimmer like crystal waters of Pyongyang Lake on an August morning.

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Propaganda for the Masses

chairman meow happy people

Even though Chairman Meow abhors Capitalism, he knows that his image makes human children happy. So, this glorious design is available on propaganda such as t-shirts for the consumption of Capitalist Pigs:

believe chairman meow tshirt

View this t-shirt!

Chairman Meow haz spoken.

Long Live the Kitty!

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