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BELIEVE: To the Cosmos! – Long Live the Kitty

To the Cosmos!

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To the Cosmos!
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To the Cosmos! Chairman Meow Will Explore Space

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Already a hero for his bravery, the intrepid Great Helmsman Meow promises to bring glory to the Kitty Revolution by putting a cat into space.

In this inspiring design, he encourages his cheering followers to believe that all things are possible, as he declares, “to the cosmos!

However, since the moon is made of cheese, Chairman Meow warns humans that it may be a haven for rodents, and unsafe until these vermin are eradicated by the kitty.

Chairman Meow confidently looks towards the heavens, and using his superior feline mind, he creates magnificent constellations, connecting dots that were previously thought to be unrelated. Dear Leader Meow also promises to “make the lost constellation, Felis, great again.” so that the masses may once again bask under a glorious cat constellation.

Supreme Commander Meow informs the captivated masses that each of these constellations may contain more catnip and tasty fish than the mind can picture.

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