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“This Is Fine” Meme: Dog Drinks Coffee In Burning House

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Chairman Meow explains This Is Fine meme: The This Is Fine meme of a cartoon dog with dilated pupils drinking coffee while his house is on fire has become one of the most famous memes of our time.

It’s kind of like a, “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign for this generation of anxious humans. Not as funny as a lolcat, but mildly amusing as dumb dog captures the hopeless feeling of 2020 and beyond.

No wonder it went viral and was texted millions of times during human angst over the pandemic, global warming, Trump, Biden, inflation, and maybe even WWIII.

Here’s the famous gif plus a brief history of the This Is Fine Meme and its creator from all-knowing teacher, Chairman Meow.

This is fine meme: animated gif | origin | This is not fine | high-resolution

This is Fine Gif

Because humans are amused by animations of ignorant dogs, I first give you the This Is Fine gif:

dog this is fine meme

Click on the This Is Fine gif animation to download it!

“This Is Fine” Comic Strip Origin:

Cartoonist KC Green has created a number of comics, but the most famous one is probably his This Is Fine webcomic. It originated from the 2013 series Gunshow and was originally posted on Reddit where it was received well, quickly getting 1000+ up-votes.

Meme creator KC Green explained, “It’s a basic concept that can apply to a lot of different situations. That’s the whole idea behind memes and the like.”

The meme went viral again after it was tweeted by the GOP without permission in 2016, which quickly drew the ire of Green, who doesn’t seem to be a big fan of conservative politics.

The This is Fine dog meme further secured its place in pop culture when Republican Senator Burr referenced the meme as a metaphor of Russian interference in the U.S. elections in 2018:

Seems ironic that Republicans reference the meme while ignoring dangers like climate change?

Chairman Meow say: Cats are very nervous about climate change as it directly affects salmon population. If salmon can not live, how can I eat them?

Well, apparently the comic means different things to different people. Chairman Meow is reminded of the metaphor of the frog in boiling water and the meme of the ignorant humans golfing next to a forest fire.

golfing next to forest fire

My world’s on fire, how about yours?

Anyway, did you know that the “This Is Fine” meme you know and love is just the first two panels of a longer comic strip? Here’s the full original:

this is fine comic strip

Here’s a brief interview with Green, who talks about his cartoons, including the “This is fine” meme:

“This is fine.

I’m okay with the events that are unfolding currently.

That’s okay, things are going to be okay.”

A couple of years later, humans found themselves sending and receiving the This Is Fine meme millions of times as the world fell apart!

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“This is NOT Fine” Meme Sequal:

After years of popularity, Green created an alternate version of the meme called, This is not fine in which the dog wakes up from his stupor and realizes that he’s in a burning house and everything is on fire.

this is not fine comic

The This Is Not Fine meme references the sad and outrageous story of Harambe, who was shot after a 4-year-old boy fell into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, which is kind of a metaphor for how humans suck.

This Is Fine Meme High Resolution

So, you’d like a bigger version of the This Is Fine meme? Just don’t use it for profit without permission!

this is fine meme high resolution
Click for high-resolution image

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My World’s on Fire, How About Yours?

Every day Chairman Meow seems to wake up to new, depressing headlines about humanity and the Earth. This is reason number one why cats do not have phones.

Yes, we are past the tipping point and not even Ceiling Cat can save the doomed human race now.

So, what a better and more relevant meme than the “This Is fine” cartoon of a dog sitting in a burning house in denial of danger.

Maybe Chairman Meow should command his Ministry of Art & Culture to change such worrisome and unsettling dog imagery?

this is fine meme cats

Ahhh… much better.

Chairman Meow haz spoken.