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Propaganda Video: Chairman Meow + Kim Jong Un Summit!?

Summit between Chairman Meow and North Korea? The world is holding its collective breath at the notion of a potential summit between two of the world’s most powerful mammals; Chairman Meow and Kim Jong Un.

Not long ago it seemed inconceivable that these two militant leaders could even have a dialogue, let alone meet in person. Now, however, it looks like there is a chance for peace as the two leaders may set a date in the near future for a summit. Here is the inspiring video released by the Ministry of Kitteh Propaganda promoting the potential summit:

Summit With Chairman Meow & Kim Jong Un?

Just watching this video I am brought to tears of kitteh patriotism.

So Different That the Whitehouse’s Video for Summit w/ North Korea

As I watch the summit video featuring Chairman Meow and Kim Jong Un, I can’t help think that possibly the Whitehouse plagiarized Chairman Meow’s video in a desperate attempt to seem relevant. You can watch the official video from below and decide for yourself:

Even though Chairman Meow does not approve of the Whitehouse’s propaganda video for the North Korea Summit, witnesses say that he did ask, “why does our video not haz man dunking?”