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Shocking Proof Mark Zuckerberg Stole “Facebook” Idea from Cats

Proof that Mark Zuckerberg stole the kitty’s Facebook Idea: Long before the Winklevoss twins thought of putting student photos online at Harvard, Chairman Meow had the original idea for “Facebook.”

In fact, all cats know that books are an excellent place to rest your face. As you can see below, the kitteh had invented “the facebook” long before 2004:

cat resting face book
“The Facebook”
cat facebook
Cat using Facebook in 2003
cat on books
cat face in books

Clearly Chairman Meow’s photos and “Face Book” idea was leaked on interwebs, and stolen by nerdy student at Harvard.

Chairman Meow is coming after you, Zuckerberg!

Chairman Meow is unleashing his legal dream team on Mark Zuckerberg:

lawyer cat
Chairman Meow lawyers up

Chairman Meow is also consider suing the two large human Winklevoss twins for stealing his idea to sue Mark Zuckerberg.

*As you can see in this photo, the kitteh was central to Mark Zuckerberg’s plan in 2003:

facebook cat

Mark Zuckerberg’s web of lies (above)